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    SeaStem™ is a remarkable & unique giant kelp extract.  Its innovation lies in utilizing a link between ultra-fine particles (UFP) pollution and stem cells maintenance as a novel cosmetic age-defying strategy.  Based on the protective and regenerative properties of giant kelp, SeaStem™ has been tested to counteract the noxious effect of pollution (diesel ultra-fine particles) on epidermal stem cells and preserve the skin’s self-regenerating & protection properties.

Key Features


    • Giant kelp is sustainably eco-harvested; maintaining healthy kelp forests and protecting marine ecosystems
    • Harvesting only removes the fronds in the surface canopy; keeping in tact the sporophylls located around the base of the plant that provide spores for the next generations, and the meristems that produce the new fronds


    • A proprietary, solvent-free and sustainable process that captures the essence of the fresh and living algae
    • No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process


    • Epidermal stem cells are responsible for tissue maintenance and regeneration
    • Recent research reported that pollution impacts stem cells and their niches


    • SeaStem™ helps reduce the effect of ultra-fine particles (UFP) pollution on the skin
    • It promotes better skin renewal and participates in the better elimination of pollution ultrafine particles

Skin Regeneration

Under UFP stress, improved epidermal reconstruction and increased thickness were observed when Reconstituted Human Epidermis (RHE) were treated with SeaStem™ (+40% versus pollution stress alone).
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    Pollution +
    SeaSteam™ 0.01%

    (recommended add rate is 1%, but 0.01% was used for this ex vivo study)
Clearance of pollution particles at the surface of skin was more effective when cells were treated with SeaStem™ showing an enhanced skin’s natural renewal.

Key Applications

  • Skin care concepts & products to protect skin’s stem cells from pollution
  • Cosmetic lines & products with sea and marine concepts
  • Daily defense skin care cosmetics protecting against pollution and other external stressors
  • Skin care products for hydration and skin barrier renewal
  • Formulations to optimize skin’s natural renewal capabilities
  • Age-defying formulations


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