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    Responsible Beauty With A Cause

    As we face water scarcity on a global scale, Ashland™ brings you anhydrous/waterless formulations for a more sustainable and beautiful planet.  Use these formulations as is or personalize them to suit your needs.  You can easily request a sample of any Ashland™ prototype or ingredient by completing the sample request form on the right.

    Key IngredientsSkinHairOralFeatures & Benefits
    Advantage™ Revive  Polymer for dry shampoo formulation that delivers superior cleaning with sebum removal while leaving visibly little to no residue on the hair
    Antaron™ ECo  Film former that provides water resistance without adding tack or viscosity
    🌳 Nature derived
    Aqualon™ EC N-200 PC Film former and thickener that is oil soluble, and it imparts shine to hair and provides wear resistance
    🌳 Nature derived
    Benecel™ K200MThickener that provides creamy foam and prevents cracking in final product bar form
    🌳 Nature derived
    Ceraphyl™ Esters Emollients that deliver unique attributes such as light and dry-feeling, elegant skin feel, maximum after-feel, and natural appeal
    ClearHance™ C Conditioning polymer delivers excellent wet-and dry-combing properties
    🌳 Nature derived
    Conarom™ B Multifunctional additive, with a gentle flowery-to-spicy fragrance, providing additional broad antimicrobial protection
    Emulsynt™ GDL Emollient derived from coconut oil that provides texture and imparts smooth, silky, dry feel on hair and skin
    🌳 100% natural
    Flexithix™ Thickener and texture enhancer that creates the lightweight-yet-creamy gel texture and a pleasant after-feel
    Ganex™ V-216  Film former that provides water resistance, wear resistance, and transfer resistance
    Ganex™ V-220F Film former that provides water resistance, wear resistance, SPF boosting, and pigment wetting
    Ganex™ WP-660Film former that provides SPF boosting, long wear, pigment dispersion stability, and transfer resistance
     Substantative and durable conditioning polymer for hair
    Optiphen™Broad spectrum preservative, effective at pH 4-8
    Polysurf™ 67 CSThickener that makes the formula softer, improves playtime, and contributes butter texture
    🌳 Nature derived
    Prolipid™ Lamellar GelsLamellar gel that lessens the greasy feel of UV filters, conditions hair, and promotes moisturized, healthy skin by enhancing skin's natural barrier protection
    🌳 Nature derived
    RapiThix™ A-100Polymer that contributes to final cream stability and viscosity, and delivers a smooth texture
    Styleze™ ES-1 Styling polymer that provides improved style durability, 48-hour humidity resistance, and improved foam bloom and stabilization
    🌳 Nature derived
    X-Tend™ 226Efficient solubilizer for hard-to-solubilize UV filters

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