The metal finishing industry is a vast collection of different processes, equipment and procedures that all require specific chemical solutions that can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating.  By using BASF’s Metal Surface Treatment additives, it’s much easier to prepare and navigate the industry successfully, and create a product that is custom tailored to your project.  ChemPoint carries a diverse catalog of top & basic brighteners, flux additives and chelating agents that are designed to help pinpoint desired product finish and performance in multiple applications.


    GradeApplicationKey Value PropsTreat Rate
    Golpanol® BOZ
    Crystals used to formulate brighteners in electroplatingformulations using BOZ can obtain very high gloss finish
    High performance top brightener
    100 - 200 mg/L
    Golpanol® HD
    Inhibitor for anodizing Altop brightener in bright & semi-bright nickel baths100 - 300 mg/L
    Golpanol® PA
    Formulate brighteners for electroplating

    Corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metals

    Top brightener in nickel baths
    good leveling and high brightness10 - 20 mg/L
    Golpanol® PS
    Formulate brighteners for electroplating

    Top brightener & leveling agent for electroplated Nickel
    miscible with water in all proportions5 - 150 mg/L
    Golpanol® VS
    Formulate brighteners for electroplating

    Basic brightener and leveling agent in electroplated nickel
     2 - 4 g/L


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