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    The Lugalvan product line from BASF is a collection of high-quality non-ionic surfactants and coatings componentry to aid in metal protection. The table below details specific chemistries and example applications the additives can be used in.


    GradeApplicationChemistryKey Value PropsTreat Rate
    Lugalvan BNO 12Non-ionic surfactant for electroplating industry
    Auxiliary brightener in acid zinc electrolytes
    ß- Naphthol ethoxylateImproves throwing power & ductility2 - 6 g/L
    Lugalvan DCProtective coatings for use in electroplating
    Improves corrosion resistance & aesthetic appearance
    Aqueous emulsion of an ethylene copolymerFilms adhere well to metal
    Especially effective on chromated, zinc-plated parts
    Prevents metals from tarnishing
    Can be applied as decorative coating to non-ferrous metals
    Lugalvan G 35Used for brightener additives in electroplating industry
    Also used as protective colloid in chemical and allied industries
    Low-molecular polyethylene imineSoluble in water0.5 - 5 g/L
    Lugalvan HS 1000Formulate brightenersThiodiglycol ethoxylateEspecially effective in acid zinc electrolytes
    Prevents charring
    Improves ductility & brightness
    No effect on cloud point
    0.1 - 5 g/L
    Lugalvan IMZFormulate brightenersImidazoleEspecially effective in alkaline zinc electrolytes
    Can be caused to react with a wide variety or other substances
    0.5 - 5 g/L
    Lugalvan IZEBasic brightener in alkaline zinc & zinc-alloy platingAddition product of imidazole and epichlorohydrinUsed in combo with top brighteners
    High throwing power
    High brightness, particularly at low current densities
    Inhibits blistering
    1 - 10g/L


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