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    Premium Compressor Oil Formulation

    Calumet CalEster™ base stocks are a selection of Group V synthetic base oils that offer a unique combination of inherent chemical properties that can help boost performance in compressor oils. 

What is a Compressor Oil?

A Compressor Oil is a specially formulated lubricant that helps prevent wear or damage in compressor equipment and components.  There are several different ways to formulate a performance lubricant for compressors, but all these fluids are tasked with the same requirements; Control Temperature & Heat, Reduce Wear and Damage, Protect from Rust or Corrosion, Improve Compressor Efficiency & Extend Equipment Life.

What is a Compressor Oil Made Of?

Compressor Oils are formulated from a primary base oil, either a mineral oil or synthetic based chemistry, and supplemented with specialty additives for enhanced performance. There are a range of performance additives that can be used to tailor a lubricant based on the designated application. From antioxidants to increase fluid lifespan to anti-wear additives to protect component surfaces from pitting and metal wear. Browse our portfolio of specialty Compressor Fluid Additives Here.
ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

Why Use a Polyol Ester for Formulating a Compressor Oil?

Polyol Esters bring a variety of benefits to the table when formulating a compressor fluid.

High Temperature Stability The inherent molecular structure of the synthetic POE allows for incredible thermal stability across extreme high temperatures that would cause conventional lubricants to smoke, combust, or fail.
Excellent Lubricity  Polyol Esters also deliver excellent lubricity performance to a finished lubricant, providing an overall reduction in the friction experienced by compressor parts and increasing operational life of the equipment.

Natural Detergency — POEs are also incredibly clean operating lubricants, the polar nature of the molecule allows for excellent deposit control and a reduction in the build up of gummy or carbonaceous film seen commonly when using mineral oil based lubricants.

Biodegradability — Many polyol ester types have high degrees of biodegradability due to the vulnerability in the ester linkage for microbial attack. This makes POEs an ideal base oil for finished lubricants that have sensitivity for environmental conditions and long term outdoor use.
    Calester™ GradeChemistry
    (Pour Point - Flash Point)
    Viscosity at 40°C (cSt)
    Tech PE
    -63 °C to 258 °C
    25 cSt
    HT 175
    -29 °C to 285 °C
    175 cSt
    HT 125
    -34 °C to 293 °C
    125 cSt
    Mixed PE
    -33 °C to 260 °C
    97 cSt
    Mixed PE
    -38 °C to 260 °C
    68 cSt
    HT 68
    Tech PE
    -39 °C to 266 °C
    68 cSt


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