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    Premium Performance

    Calumet CalEster™ base stocks are Group V synthetic polyol ester base oils that offer excellent thermal stability and biodegradability. They provide excellent stability in high temperatures and desired fluidity in lower temperatures. They are phthalate free, readily biodegradable and provide excellent additive solubility.

Why Use a Polyol Ester Base Stock?

Base stocks provide the backbone for any lubricant formulation.  Synthetic base stocks provide enhanced performance properties that mineral oil base stocks can't match.  The CalEster™ Products for example provide the following:
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    Excellent High Temperature Stability

    The chemical structure of polyol ester base stocks provide exceptional stability at very high temperatures due to the lack of "beta-hydrogens". For sensitive applications at high temperatures (up to 200°C)    

    Low Temperature Fluidity 

    Polyol esters also present fantastic low temperature stability and remain fluid well below freezing temperatures.  This provides ideal lubrication solutions for oils used in cold-start environments.  

    High Viscosity Index

    The polyol ester structure allows for a heightened viscosity consistency over a wider temperature range, meaning the lubricant will perform as regardless of fluctuations in ambient temperature. 
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ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles
    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

    Very Low Volatility 

    CalEster™ provides very low volatility and formulated lubricants will last longer and provide better protection than mineral oil-based technologies.

    Excellent Lubricity

    CalEster™  imparts excellent lubricity performance, increasing surface coverage & protection delivered to metal surfaces.

    Natural Detergency

    CalEster™ provides additional detergency to solubalize additives and deposits, keeping equipment running cleanly and running longer.  


    Polyol Ester technology can provide varying levels of biodegradability, breaking down over time in the presence of water.

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End Markets

Polyol Esters are used in a variety of end markets for their inherent high temperature stability and viscosity selection.  Whether the lubricant is formulated for use in aerospace, refrigeration, automotive, or industrial applications, POE's provide premium performance compared to mineral oil based lubricants.

    Industrial Lubrication

    Extended lubricant life results in reduced downtime and less lubricant evaporative loss maintaining key performance.

    • Oven chain lubricants
    • High temperature greases
    • Textile fiber lubricants
    • Fire resistant transformer fluids
    • Metalworking fluids
    • Hydraulic fluids

    Industrial Lubrication

    Less lubricant evaporative loss resulting in maintaining key performance in high temperatures resulting in extended

    • 2-Stroke oils
    • Automotive crankcase oils
    • Transmission fluids


    Reduced maintenance times due to high temperature stability resulting in less lubricant evaporative loss.

    • Jet turbine engine oils
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Grease


    Increased productivity with higher viscosity ranges and low pour points for easy handling.

    • HFC refrigeration oils
    • Appliance
    • Air conditioning
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