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    Calumet CalEster™ base stocks are a Group V synthetic base oil that offers a unique combination of inherent properties that are extremely beneficial when formulating oils for extreme environments. 
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Why Use a Polyol Ester for Formulating a Chain Oil?  

The CalEster™ base stocks are synthetically derived and therefore provide a consistent & uniform molecular structure with nearly zero imperfections. This lack of impurities allows for an incredibly robust thermal stability even when exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time.

The CalEster™ polyol esters also provide inherent chemical benefits from the polar molecular structure as well. When formulating high temperature chain oils, the Calumet Polyol Ester (POE) chemistry provides the following properties;
    CalEster™ ValueBenefits
    Very High Thermal, Oxidative and Hydrolytic Stability
    Leading to less breakdown in the chemical structure, resulting in reduced varnish and carbon deposit build up at high temperatures.
    Very Low Volatility
    Provides extremely high flash and fire points, increases oil life due to low fluid loss, and increases safety with very low smoke or fire potential. 
    Polar Molecular Structure
    Incredibly strong attraction to metal surfaces allow for lubricating films to be formed on difficult to reach places (chain pin & bushings). Extending the equipment life and reducing total downtime.

CalEster™ Solutions 

    Calester™ GradeOperating Temp RangeViscosity at 40°C (cSt)
    -18 °C to 290 °C
    390 cSt
    HT 175
    -29 °C to 285 °C
    175 cSt
    HT 125
    -34 °C to 293 °C
    125 cSt
    -33 °C to 260 °C
    97 cSt
    -38 °C to 260 °C
    68 cSt
    HT 68
    -39 °C to 266 °C
    68 cSt
    -55 °C to 255 °C
    20 cSt


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