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Hand & Body Care - Lotion Formulating

Formulating Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers, and Butters

We're all trying to protect ourselves from viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that could cause disease.  Frequent handwashing and sanitizing are the best ways to achieve this but they can leave skin feeling dry and may cause cracking, leading to other skin issues. Adding moisture back to the skin is crucial.

Are you making or formulating hand nourishing and moisturizing products? We have an extensive list of ingredients for hand and body lotions, creams, ointments, moisturizers, and butters formulations.

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Emulsifiers allow a homogenous mixture to keep oil and water from separating in a formulation.
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Emollients deliver unique attributes such as elegant skin feel, maximum after-feel, and non-greasy after-feel to name a few.
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Lipid Lamellar Gel Systems

ProLipid™ lamellar gels provide a second skin effect, mimicking the unique lamellar organization of stratum corneum lipids. They can improve the sensory aesthetics for a better skin feel.
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Moisturizers and Lubricants

These moisturizers and lubricants deliver clinically proven moisturization as well as lubricity and texture range to create an engaging sensory experience.
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These rheology modifiers offer a variety of benefits while building viscosity in body care formulations.
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Water Resistant Agents

Water Resistant Agents are film formers that provide effective water and wear resistance properties.
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These are preservatives approved for leave-on applications as needed for lotions, creams, moisturizers, ointments, and body butters.

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Refreshing Cosmetic Lotion


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