Synfluid PAO

Synfluid® PAOs are Group 4 Base stocks that are often a better choice than mineral oils due to their friction properties, thermal conductivity and viscosity at high pressures. Chevron Phillips Chemical offers both high and low viscosity PAOs in a variety of different grades.

Low Viscosity PAOs

  • Offer C-10 PAOs (2,4,6,8)
  • Offer C-12 PAOs (2.5, 5, 6 HVI, 7 8 HVI and 9)
  • High Viscosity Index which helps to protect engines at temperature extremes
  • Low Volatility which results in lower consumption and fewer emissions

High Viscosity PAOs: Synfluid mPAOs

Synfluid® mPAOs are not your conventional high viscosity PAOs. Chevron Phillips Chemical's mPAOs are C-8 based rather than C-10 based, and have an improved pour point, and better oxidative stability than traditional conventional PAOs.

  • Grades include: mPAO 65 cSt, mPAO 100 cSt, and ,PAO 150 cSt


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