Extraordinary Pho-Free Solutions

Ensemble™ is a line of non-PHO emulsifiers. These mono & diglycerides can be used in a wide range of baking & food applications. A drop in solution to your current PHO formulations, the non-Pho Ensemble™ solution addresses your every need by limiting your reformulation hurdles and operational disruption. Ensemble™- we make the switch easy!

ChemPoint offers a complete line of non-PHO emulsifiers. Corbion’s ENSEMBLE™ is the full line of non-PHO-derived emulsifiers made from a proprietary mixture of non-PHOs. Each solution in the ENSEMBLE™ portfolio is unique, but all have been developed to perform perfectly as drop-in solutions for the PHO emulsifiers they were designed to replace.

The ENSEMBLE™ portfolio includes:

BFP® 550

Part of the Mono and diglyceride family, this product works to improve texture in various baking goods, frozen desserts, icing and shortenings.  

Starplex® 590 & Starplex 590F

These powdered Non-PHO’s are fast acting monoglycerides . Ideal for use in baking it provided lubrication to improve slicing. It can also be used as an extrusion aid for cereals.  

Alphadim® 570  

Form Ice cream to pudding this versatile distilled monoglyceride can be used to bring emulsification to a variety of applications. Reducing fat and boosting mouthfeel never tasted so good!  

GMS® 520 & GMS® 540

A pumpable paste, these 2 hydrated monoglycerides are easy to disperse. The 2 Non-PHO have the functionality of a powder monoglyceride without having to go through a sponge stage. Everything about this non-PHO is easier!


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