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    BIOBAN™ 425 Antimicrobial provides outstanding protection against bacteria & fungi, along with ease of incorporation into most wipe formulations. If you’re looking for an alternative biocide in your wipe application, BIOBAN™ 425 Antimicrobial may be the answer to your preservative needs. 

    As a global innovator and sustainability leader, DuPont offers testing and formulation support - helping customers understand the true value of their microbial control products.


  • Broad spectrum activity against bacteria & enhanced antifungal control
  • Effective with anionic, cationic, and non-ionic surfactants and with most household product ingredients
  • Temperature stable up to 50°C
  • Wide effective pH range (pH 2-pH 10)
  • Low dosage requirements (0.05%-0.075%)
  • Does not contain or release formaldehyde
  • Formulated with low VOC ingredients
  • Excellent environmental profile (non-persistent, rapid degradation, no bioaccumulation)
  • No-salt formulation / odorless
  • US EPA registered
  • Safe and cost-effective


ChemPoint is an exclusive distributor for BIOBAN™ 425 Antimicrobial and is here to help find a solution to your preservative needs.


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