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Optimized To Meet The Performance, Safety And Environmental Requirements Of Geothermal Heat Pumps.

Dow Heat Transfer Fluids are made out of the highest quality ingredients, backed by detailed analytical and performance data from the world's leading chemical manufacturer. Dow has consistently been on the forefront of new energy technology improvements and the Dow fluid division is focusing heavily on renewable energy sources like biomass, solar and geothermal energy. 
DOWCAL™ Geothermal heat transfer fluids are part of a new generation of application-specific heat transfer fluids from The Dow Chemical Company, developed to provide geothermal heat pump system installers (GSHP) and their customers with greater confidence and peace of mind. It is designed to overcome the drawbacks of alternative fluids, providing greater assurance that geothermal systems will repay their initial investment costs in energy savings and in years of reliable, safe and economical operation. 

The DOWCAL™ Geothermal heat transfer fluids are available in the following grades:
  • Ethylene glycol based (MEG): DOWCAL™ eGEO
  • Propylene glycol based (MPG): DOWCAL™ pGEO

Choosing DOWCAL™ Geothermal heat transfer fluids offers the following solutions:
  • Superior corrosion protection at a concentration level of >20%
  • Pre-diluted and concentrate glycol solutions (Colourless or dyed)
  • Free analysis to ensure proactive identification of any issue
  • Industry-leading technical support from project start to finish
  • Supply reliability backed by Dow and ChemPoint

Available package sizes:
  • - Bulk
  • - 1000kg IBC
  • - 230kg Drums
  • - 25kg Cans
When you compare DOWCAL™ industrial inhibited glycol based cooling fluids with other heat transfer options, there really is no comparison. 

The quality of the glycol thermal fluid you select will have a direct bearing on the long term performance and maintenance of your systems. You can never be sure if you have both adequate freeze and corrosion protection which leads to inadequate maintenance and you may be compelled to replace your fluid frequently which eventually becomes expensive operationally.

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