ChemPoint is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with Dow Adhesives and Functional Materials Division. Our collective goal is to enhance the buying experience while providing a higher degree of service to customers in the packaging and industrial lamination market.

For the past year, we have worked closely with Dow to build out capabilities which will allow us to serve as a true extension of Dow. We assure you of the same level of technical service and access to R&D capabilities that you have come to expect of Dow over the years. In addition, you will receive enhanced customer service including quicker response times, frequent communications, cooperative transaction terms, flexible MOQs and greater degree of market insight.

We are confident that our approach to serving customers will reach far beyond your requirements and expectations. Let us put our passion and curiosity to work for you.

ChemPoint is excited to have the opportunity to service your business!


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To place your order, or to request a sample, contact our technical associate at 844.516.5183 or via email at


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to utilize ChemPoint, can I continue to buy from Dow?

We appreciate your support and confidence in Dow as your supplier and want to let you know that we have full confidence in our ability to meet your needs with enhanced services and support. Not only does ChemPoint have the technical capabilities to support your needs, but we will also have the support of Dow via Keith Potts for additional technical support, lab access, and R&D work as needed. Nevertheless, should you have remaining concerns, ChemPoint and Dow will liaise to ensure that you get the support and service needed in the most efficient way possible.

What happens to the price I pay for these materials?

There is no price change anticipated as part of this transition.

I need to order material, can I order from ChemPoint today?

Yes, ChemPoint is ready to service your needs.

What happens to my open orders with Dow?

All open orders with a ship date after June 16, 2014 will be transferred to ChemPoint, as appropriate, for fulfillment. For all transferred orders, you will receive a confirmation from ChemPoint. Our goal is to meet your requested date. If you have immediate concerns about an order to be fulfilled in June 2014, please contact us: 1.844.516.5183;

Who do I pay for existing open invoices?

All orders fulfilled by Dow and invoiced by Dow must be paid to Dow. Similarly, orders fulfilled by ChemPoint will be invoiced by ChemPoint and shall be payable to ChemPoint.

Can ChemPoint deliver these products directly to our plant?

Absolutely! ChemPoint offers customers a competitive freight service while also allowing the flexibility to utilize their own freight carrier. Please contact us to discuss the best way to service your account. Learn more about our freight service.

Will there be any changes to lead times and availability?

There are no anticipated changes to lead times and availability. ChemPoint will create a stocking strategy based on your needs and forecast. A member of the ChemPoint team will contact you to establish your needs and provide more information on the service and support standards you can expect moving forward.

Will there be any changes to the product(s)?

No, all products will continue to be Dow branded and presented in original packaging.

If I have technical questions, can I still call Dow?

After June 16, 2014, all questions should be referred to your ChemPoint Representative. With the support of Keith Potts (Dow), we are confident we have the technical knowledge and capabilities to support your needs. Please contact us with your questions: 1.844.516.5183,

I have additional questions, how do I get them answered?

Please call us at 1.844.516.5183 or email us at


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