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    Maximize Returns on RFQ's & RFP's 

    Daniel Cohen 
    Market Developer - Dow Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids 

Bid Season - Open for Business

When bid season arrives, you need a responsive, competent, technical expert to examine your heat transfer fluid request for quote (RFQ) and provide a competitive price, lead time, and availability in a timely manner. Confused on 'or equivalent' and 'in-kind' products in your submittal? Need a spec quoted in different package sizes and pre-blends? Need a written formal quote from a nationwide network of our warehouses? ChemPoint can support your thermal fluid quotation needs during bid season.

Why ChemPoint?  

Other distributors often lack the TDS, SDS, regulatory certifications, and engineering guides that might be needed to even submit a quote on a job; ChemPoint removes all of this hassle by providing all of these documents. Once you include your ChemPoint rep on an email distro list for upcoming projects pertaining to heat transfer fluids, you will have a formal quotation created regardless of your needing a budgetary figure for a project 6 months later or have a need for a credit card order right now. 
Make sure and include ChemPoint in your bidding process and share our contact information with project managers and estimators so they can receive hassle free quotations when heat transfer fluid requests are made. Our superior service, transparency, and technical expertise allow us to consult with you via phone, email, web chat and online ordering to Get It Done! No hassle, no gimmicks, best price first time. Our pencils are sharpened and we're hungry for a shot on bidding on your 2020 heat transfer fluid business!