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    Efficacious and Nature-Derived Preservation

NEOLONE® Bio Preservatives from DuPont™ are based on naturally derived Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate (LAE®). With an excellent environmental, health, and safety profile, these non-sensitizing preservatives have broad-spectrum activity. NEOLONE® Bio is approved for both leave-on and rinse-off cosmetics applications.  Be sure to request a sample so you can try this preservative in your formulations for lotions, creams, serums, cleansers, conditioners, and more.


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    NEOLONE® Bio is composed of:

    • L-Arginine from fermented glucose obtained from corn
    • Lauric acid from palm oil obtained according to RSPO criteria (not certified)
    • Ethanol obtained from sugar cane and sugar beet plants through natural fermentation
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Features & Benefits

  • Derived from natural ingredients
  • Broad spectrum with strong antimicrobial activity against molds, yeasts, gram-negative, and gram-positive bacteria
  • Approved for use in leave-on and rinse-off
  • Mild profile for leave-on applications
  • Wide range of global regulatory acceptance
  • COSMOS raw material standard for natural personal care formulations
  • Efficacy can be further enhanced with the use of recommended boosters and multifunctional ingredients
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Technical Information

  • Forms: Liquid (NEOLONE® Bio G) and Solid (NEOLONE® Bio T)
  • Solubility: Water, glycerin, and ethanol
  • pH Range: 3-6
  • Odor: No odor
  • COSMOS approved
  • Listed on Annex V of the European Cosmetics Products Regulation
  • Raw materials are non-GMO and not animal-derived
    NEOLONE® Bio G
    NEOLONE® Bio T
    Glycerin and Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl
    Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl
    Physical Form
    Liquid solution in glycerin
    White solid
    Use Level
    0.25% - 2.0%
    0.057% - 0.46%
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Formulation Details & Guidelines

  • Stable at processing temperature up to 80ºC
  • Best incorporated during the cooling phase (
  • Compatible with nonionic gum thickeners and cationic thickeners
  • Compatible with nonionic and cationic surfactants
  • Compatible with anionic and amphoteric active ingredients
  • Compatible with anionic preservatives

Incompatible with anionic thickeners and anionic surfactants - Contact Us for help with your formulation

LAE® inhibits a wide variety of microbial species at low active levels. Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) values for LAE ® are lower compared to other common preservatives. MIC values are an indicator of intrinsic antimicrobial activity and should not be taken as recommended use concentrations in personal care products.
    Microorganism (ATCC#)* Type LAE®
    MIC value
    (ppm, 24 hours)
    MIC value
    (ppm, 24 hours)
    P. putida (49128) G- 4.9 3,500
    P. aeruginosa (15442) G- 19.5 5,000
    B. cepacia (25416) G- 125 3,000
    K. pneumoniae (13883) G- 31.3 5,000
    P. aeruginosa (9027) G- 15.6 5,000
    E. gergoviae (33028) G- 9.8 5,000
    E. coli (8739) G- 7.8 5,000
    S. aureus (6538) G+ <2.4 10,000
    S. epidermis (12228) G+ <2.5 10,000
    A. brasiliensis (16404) M 31.2 3,500
    C. albicans (10231) Y 9.8 10,000
*American Type Culture Collection
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