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    In our "always on" world, customers want products to help them look and feel their very best no matter what their day throws at them.  With the right ingredients your skin care, hair styling, and color cosmetic products can perform at work or during a workout.  Eastman AQ™ polymers (INCI: Polyester-5) could be the ingredients you need to take your products to the next level.  They provide improved water resistance in sunscreens, smudge and transfer resistance in makeup, and lasting hold in hairstyling products so your customers can be confident on any schedule.

What are Eastman AQ™ Polymers?

Eastman AQ™ Polymers are amorphous polyesters that disperse readily in warm water without any solvents, surfactants, or amines.  They are excellent at rapidly forming flexible resilient films.  AQ™ polymers differ mainly in glass transition temperature (Tg) which in turn affects the flexibility and durability of the resulting film.  AQ™ 38S has the lowest Tg, therefore, it forms the most flexible film and is useful in applications like creams and lotions.  AQ™ 55S has the highest Tg and forms the most durable films.  It is useful in applications like smudge and water-resistant makeup.  AQ™ 48 Ultra falls in the middle and is useful in hair styling applications that require a good deal of flexibility but also durable hold.

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Skin Care

    Eastman AQ™ 38S and AQ™ 55S impart a good feel to creams and lotions.  AQ™ 38S in particular is used in sunscreens to improve water resistance and leave skin feeling smooth and not greasy.  AQ™ 55S has good film integrity and is used in face masks to impart a soft skin feel and allow for easy peel off.

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Hair Styling

    Eastman AQ™ 48 Ultra and Eastman AQ™ 55S are used as hair fixatives in pomades, gels, and hair sprays.  They provide a creamy smooth texture, flexible hold, and good moisture resistance but wash out easily with shampooing.

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    Eastman AQ™ 55S is used in makeup to improve smudge and water resistance while also providing a soft skin feel.  Eastman AQ™ 38S is also used in cosmetics, specifically water resistant foundation, as it provides good moisture resistance but also the flexibility needed to prevent cracking. 

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