Ingredients to Keep Your “Face” in Place

 It’s not exactly new for consumers to want their makeup to survive the day.  Between weather, work, and workouts, color cosmetics have their work cut out for them. SAIB (sucrose acetate isobutyrate) and AQ™ polymers from Eastman™ promote adhesion and form films to help makeup stay where it belongs.



These sucrose-based adhesion promoters allow color cosmetics to better adhere to skin and hair.


  • Derived from sucrose, a natural sugar
  • Water-white, clear, no odor
  • Nonyellowing; stable to UV light exposure
  • Very hydrophobic
  • Improved adhesion to fingernails and skin
  • Extended transfer, wear, and water resistance
  • Increased film flexibility
  • Gloss enhancement
  • Improved emulsion stability
  • Excellent solubility and compatibility with solvents, polymers, and modifiers
  • Reduced evaporation rate of aroma chemicals
  • Low volatility over a wide temperature range
  • Modification of film-former without appreciable loss of film hardness

SAIB Products

SAIB Application

Lipstick formulations using more polar vegetable waxes, oils, and esters are compatible with Eastman Sustane™ SAIB. In traditional lipsticks, SAIB reduces creeping, bleeding, and feathering.

In transfer-resistant lipsticks, it can act as a plasticizer to soften the primary film-former and improve its adhesion and flexibility.

The concentration of SAIB used in lipsticks is typically 5–10 wt%.

a Composition given is typical of average lots
b Denatured ethyl alcohol, proprietary formula



These highly versatile, water-dispersible polymers provide film forming properties to improve water and smudge resistance.


  • Fast drying
  • Pigment dispersion
  • Adhere to skin and hair
  • Water, smudge, and high humidity resistance
  • Provide low viscosity aqueous dispersions at <30% solids
  • Form clear films at room temperature from aqueous dispersions
  • Aid the dispersion of hydrophobic ingredients in water-based formulations
  • Disperse directly in water without the assistance of emulsifiers, organic cosolvents, inorganic bases, amines, or other additives

AQ™ Polymer Products

AQ™ Polymers Application

AQ™ 38S and 55S impart a non-greasy feel to liquid makeup. 

AQ™ 55S is the preferred AQ™ polymer for water-based makeup and mascara because it has better film integrity when combined with other cosmetic ingredients. It improves water and smudge resistance in these products.

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