Low Free TDI Pre Polymers

Era Polymers now offers a range of Low Free TDI pre-polymer grades from our XL Series, TDI content is typically less than 0.1%

Both the Erapol XLE series and Erapol XLS series have a very low free TDI content of less than 0.1%, a low viscosity and long pot life which makes for greater flexibility and ease of processing.

Era Polymers offer two Low Free TDI, XL Series:

  • Erapol XLE - TDI PTMEG Polyethers
  • Erapol XLS - TDI Polyesters

Erapol XLE

A new generation of TDI terminated prepolymers based on 100% PTMEG polyether polyols with the added benefit of extremely low free isocyanate.

  • Available in a range of hardnesses - 90A, 93A, 95A, & 75D

Erapol XLS

This product range consists of TDI terminated polyester based polyurethane prepolymers with extremely low free isocyanate levels.

  • Available in a range of hardnesses - 85A, 90A, & 95A

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