Era Prepolymers and ChemPoint

ChemPoint and Era partnered in 2011 to bring affordable, high quality polyurethane products to the North American market. Having already established themselves as a market leader in other parts of the world, Era wanted to bring their high quality products and polyurethane expertise to this dynamic marketspace. Era has a unique compilation of polyurethane solutions that include high performance hot cast elastomer prepolymers, spray polyurethane, rigid and flexible foam systems, as well as other specialty products.

Common misconceptions about Erapol in North America

MISCONCEPTION: Material is not readily available in North America
TRUTH: There are presently two warehouses in the US as well as one manufacturing/blending site. Additionally there is one warehouse in Canada.

MISCONCEPTION: LF or Lower Free products are not available
TRUTH: Era has developed lower free products that range from 0.2%-0.9% free TDI. They are distinguished with an L in front of their name (eg. L-E95A)

MISCONCEPTION: Pricing cannot be competitive because HQ is in Australia.
TRUTH: Era and ChemPoint have pricing that is competitive with the North American market. Additionally Era and ChemPoint have shown more pricing stability than most other prepolymer suppliers in the US.

MISCONCEPTION: Era is not a major player in the polyurethane industry
TRUTH: Era is one of the top polyurethane systems houses worldwide. Number one in Australia & New Zealand, and in the top three in much of Europe and Asia.
Here are a few other things you may not know about Era
  • Established in 1986 by George Papamanuel (a former UniRoyal employee)
  • 40 manufacturing vessels – 2-80 drum capacity
  • Has dedicated kettles per chemistry to ensure purity and quality
  • Employs 20 full time Industrial Chemists
  • Exports to over 70 countries
  • Manufacturing and/or blending sites in the US, Australia, and New Zealand
  • US material stocked in Illinois and California
  • 96% of Erapol sampled in US deemed equal or better than competitive


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