6/27/2020 2:30:30 AM

Gett™ Products Announces ChemPoint Relationship

Gett™ Professional Cleaners

Gett™ Professional Cleaning Products and ChemPoint have joined forces and are excited to bring best-in-class distribution to the next generation of professional cleaners.  Every industry gets dirty, but not every cleaning product stands up to every industry.  With this professional line of hard surface cleaners, you can quickly tackle any clean-up job and stay ahead of the mess. 
Gett™ brings a thrilling, modern, no-nonsense approach to the world of industrial cleaning.  Their portfolio is straightforward and simple to understand, but there’s nothing simple about the performance of their products.  They don't make six versions of Glass Cleaner or Floor Cleaner, they focus on making the best one.  With three generations of industry experience, they're applying proven techniques in new ways to make products that work harder but cost less, elevating the customer experience, and shattering the status quo. 
The professional cleaning line from Gett™ is a no-brainer for any workspace, including those with specialized needs across industries such as:
“Our aim is to reach and relate to a new generation of professional cleaners around the world, faster, who are connected by the joy of cleaning and clean spaces. To do that we needed to find a partner agile enough to integrate proven distribution models with modern marketing techniques and data analytics. ChemPoint shares our vision and has the unique combination of capabilities to make it a reality."
- Evan Gettinger
Co-Founder, Gett Products
“The partnership between ChemPoint & Gett Products is truly a perfect fit, as both companies are focused on disrupting a stagnant industry.  By using innovative technology and a heavy focus on digital modernization, both ChemPoint & Gett Products are changing the go-to market strategy and revolutionizing customer engagement. Our team is incredibly excited to launch this partnership with Gett Products, expand the specialty consumable product portfolio and provide best in class service and dedicated supply chain for this market.”
- Rick Hoener
Global Managing Director, ChemPoint. 

ChemPoint is excited to bring the high-performance cleaning products from Gett™ to the next generation of professional cleaners across North America, providing shorter lead times, consistent supply and a broad range of specialized packages.  To view all relevant supplier info and to get started today, please find the ChemPoint Welcome Packet here and learn how to get set up in our system. 

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