Lubrajel™ Hydrogels

Moisturization With A Unique Sensory Experience

Lubrajel™ hydrogels allow for a range of formulation aesthetics that deliver high moisturization. These products are lubricious, provide a variety of textures, and help you meet hydration needs for your skin and sun care formulations. Select from the hydrogels below to achieve just the right slip, texture, and after-feel you’re looking for.

*Calculated according to ISO 16128-2:2017



  • Cold-processable
  • Water-soluble
  • Non-oily emolliency
  • Superior moisturization
  • Wide viscosity range for texture enhancement
  • Clear, colorless gels, no impact on formulation clarity
  • Easy to use to achieve desired formulation aesthetics

  • Exceptional after-feel range
  • Customizable sensory experience
  • Excellent range of slip and lubricity
  • Listed on China IECIC-CFDA (2015) and China IECSC-MEE
  • High natural origin content (over 93% according to ISO 16128-2:2017)


  • Skin creams, lotions, gels
  • Shaving gels, creams
  • Sun care
  • Foundations, bb creams
  • Essences, toners, micellar waters
  • Face masks (leave-on, sheet, peel/rinse-off)



Lubrajel™ Hydrogels deliver high moisturization

  • In vivo, double-blind, randomized study was conducted on twenty internal panelists
  • A gel cream formula containing either 5% of one of five Lubrajel® hydrogels or no Lubrajel® (control) was applied randomly to the panelists’ forearms
  • Hydration data was recorded after 4 and 8 hours
  • In a second study, hydration data was recorded for the same gel cream formula with 5% Lubrajel® Marine after 8 hours
  • In both studies, Lubrajel® demonstrated an ability to moisturize the skin versus the control

Lubrajel™ Hydrogels enhance sensory experience

  • To assess lubricity, a study was conducted to measure the drag resistance of a base gel cream formulation (control) using a texture analyzer
  • Compared to measurements taken of the base formulation containing either 5% Lubrajel™ or 5% glycerin
  • Highest slip is achieved by adding Lubrajel™ Marine while highest drag results from adding glycerin

Lubrajel™ Oil provides light, dimethicone-like after-feel

  • In a sensory study, a light-feel gel cream moisturizer containing either 3% of Lubrajel™ Oil or dimethicone (5 cst) was graded on several attributes by a 5-person expert panel in a double-blind, randomized test
  • The results demonstrated that the sensory profile did not change when Lubrajel™ Oil was used instead of dimethicone
  • Lubrajel™ Oil is an excellent alternative to achieve a light, dimethicone-like feel


Lubrajel™ is a registered trademark of United-Guardian, Inc.

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