LyondellBasell Microthene

Prevent clumping of powders & pellets with Microthene F

Microthene®  F products are uniform spherically shaped polyethylene powders with an average particle of 20 microns. They are used to great effect by coating the surface of tacky powders and pellets to reduce clumping & tackiness, and improve flow rates.

Advantages of Microthene

  • Very low impact on appearance in contrast with talc and other inorganic anti-clump additives
  • Effective at low treatment levels
  • Approved for food applications with any polymer and food type, at any temperature

Microthene® F Powder versus Competitor

Microthene®  F Polyethylene Powder

Competitor Precipitated Polyethylene Powder

Improved Dispersion and Pellet Surface Coverage Using Microthene F

SEM Micrograph Showing Complete Surface Coverage of EPR Pellet Surface with FN51900

SEM Micrograph Showing Incomplete Surface Coverage of EPR Pellet Surface Using Comp-1 and Powder Agglomeration


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