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As part of our portfolio of ingredients from world-leading suppliers, ChemPoint is proud to offer you Fructosan® crystalline fructose from Omnia - a natural, non-GMO sweetener, well appreciated for its various benefits.

Purchasing FructoSan® from ChemPoint provides you the cream of the crop on services: you can get a quote and transact quickly; our agents are easily reachable by phone, web and email to support; speed of response time is unbeatable and our customer satisfaction rates undeniable.
Crystalline Fructose is a monosaccharide sugar with exceptional sweetness (1.3 x sweetness sucrose) that requires 60% dosage to achieve same sweetness as table sugar. Crystalline fructose has a quick, clean upfront sweetness which works well with sugar and high potency sweeteners to deliver on better-for-you claims such as sugar and/or calory reduction.

Crystalline Fructose Main Applications

Yogurt and Dairy Desserts
  • Calories savings
  • Flavors enhancement
  • Lower freezing point depression

  • Masking after taste of high intesity sweeteners like stevia
  • Low Calories drinks
  • Enhanced flavor in Chocolate/coffee drinks

Baked Goods
  • In Cookies is keeps moisture and increase shelf life
  • Brown Color

Fruit Preparations
  • Low Calories
  • Enhance fruit flavour
  • Reduce microbial activity

Crystalline Fructose can also be successfully used in Cereals, confectionary, tabletop, pharmaceuticals, sport nutrition, etc.

Why use Crystalline Fructose in your product?

Besides the fact it has a quick, clean upfront sweetness, Crystalline Fructose helps to optimize product formulation in a variety of applications, with unique benefits including:
  • A low glycaemic index which is good for diabetics
  • High sweetness synergy
  • Flavour enhancement
  • Freezing point depression- prevention of crystallization
  • Shelf life increase due to reduction in microbial activity
  • It offers retention of moisture (Humectancy) & browning in bakery application
  • Masking aftertaste of HIS sweeteners in Beverages


FructoSan® & Nutrisweet® Crystalline Fructose

FructoSan® and Nutrisweet® from Omnia offers several benefits applicable to an array of food products:


Fructose is the sweetest of all nutritive sweeteners. It has on average 1.3 times the sweetness of sucrose in most food applications.

Flavor enhancement:

Its sweetness perception peaks and falls earlier than glucose and sucrose, unmasking” fruit and spice flavors. Fructose enhances especially fruit, coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavours.

Improved acid perception

The flavour perception of beverages depends on many sensorial factors including acidity and sweetness. There is mutual benefit in beverages between acid and sweetener

Ingredient Synergy

The interaction of fructose with other sweeteners and starches results in a synergy that boosts the sweetness, viscosity or cake height of foods and beverages.

Glycemic index and Insulin release

Fructose has a low glycemic index and results in moderate release of insulin to the bloodstream relative to glucose and sucrose. The metabolism of fructose is maredly different from that of glucose and is largely insulin-independent (A relative flat insulin response after carbohydrate ingestion may help to avoid insulin resistance)
Surface Browning

A major appeal of baked and roasted foods is the pleasing brown surface color and alluring aroma, produced by a chemical reaction between reducing sugar and amido acids. Fructose is the most highly reactive simple sugar.

Solubility/ Resistance to Crystallization

While sold in crystalline form, fructose recrystallizes with difficulty once it is solubilized in foods. This property made possible the development of soft moist cookies. Fructose has a high solubility (up to 79% at 20 C)
Shelf stability: Fructose does not hydrolyze in acid conditions like sucrose does; so finished product sweetness and flavor are stable over extended storage times.

Moreover FructoSan® and Nutrisweet® is one of the most soluble sweeteners, making it suitable for dry mixes like beverages, cakes and desserts as it enables rapid reconstitution. At the same time, it is more soluble in alcohol than sucrose, enabling the production of sweetened liqueurs at higher dry substances.
High freezing point depression

Fructose maintains the integrity of frozen fruit by controlling water and preventing damaging ice Crystal formation that can destroy fragile fruit tissue


Fructose binds and retains moisture so well that It can replace sorbitol and glycerin in foods, thereby improving taste. This feature is used in low moisture granola type bars


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