A Safe Choice To Improve Bleaching & Detergent Efficiency

OxyChem ACL® chlorinated isocyanurates offer a safer and  efficient  alternative to inorganic hypochlorites used in laundry bleach formulations. Unlike hypochlorites, ACL® products allow your  fomulations  to be minimally damaging to fabrics while delivering the bleaching efficiency needed in the application.
ACL® products release their available chlorine very rapidly resulting in a formulation that retains its full chlorine value. It is the fastest and most effective solid chlorine product in chlorine bleach detergents today.

Greater formulation flexibility 
ACL® can be used in liquid or dry bleach formulations.
Product range to fit every need 
OxyChem offers multiple grades of isocyanurates with active chlorine concentrations ranging between 56-90% with different grain sizes
OxyChem offers the highest levels of chlorine on the market without being free chlorine, giving you the most bang for your buck.


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