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    Extend Your Fluid Life with Pilot Chemical

    Pilot Chemical specializes in premium additive technology for the lubricant and metalworking industry.  They are taking their expertise, insights, and product solutions into their new FLIP™ Program to help you and your team achieve maximum fluid life.
ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

What is FLIP™? 

FLIP™ stands for Fluid Life Improvement Program – and is a focus of Pilot Chemical to help extend and optimize operational lifetime of lubricants and metalworking fluids.  Rather than promoting a single product or additive, the FLIP™ initiative is an overall methodology on how to best approach fluid formulation and relying on Pilot’s core competencies as a synergistic solution.

    FLIP™ Your Thinking About Metalworking Fluid Life

Common Issues for Metalworking Fluids

There are a number of difficulties that anyone within the metalworking industry can face, but the largest and most common issues can be divided into four categories: Biocontrol or Microbial Growth, Corrosion, Emulsion Stability & Hard Water Tolerance, and Foaming.


  • The battle against corrosion is never ending for any water-based or containing lubricant, add excessive high temperature exposure and you have an ideal environment for corrosion and rust formation.  By utilizing the Pilot solutions you can better equip your coolant and fluid solutions to prevent corrosion on workpieces & machinery.  View the Corrosion Preventative Solutions ►

Emulsion Stability & Hard Water Tolerance

  • Pilot has vast expertise in balancing surfactant systems in formulated coolants & lubricants, which have an enormous impact on overall fluid stability.  If the system falls out of balance, separation can occur and lead to significantly reduced cooling & lubrication performance.  Pilot's chemists are well versed in how to accomodate hard water salts and complex additive combinations to formulate premium and long-term stable coolants.   View the Emulsion Stability Solutions ►


  • Foam is no stranger to metal manufacturing.  In any system that pumps, sprays, or flows the potential for air entrainment is always around.  Pilot Chemical has developed a wide range of solutions that minimize foaming and help reduce the downtime that occurs when foam over-flows.  View the Solutions Here ►


  • Microbial, fungal or bacterial growth can create cascading troubles if not properly dealt with.  Plugged sumps and pipes can reduce cooling efficiency leading to broken tools or poor surface finish. View the ChemPoint Biocontrol Solutions Here ►

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