Enhance Your Lubricant Performance With Aristonate® Synthetic Sulfonates!


Aristonate® Synthetic Sulfonates are often a better alternative to comparable natural sulfonates in metalworking and lubricant fluid formulations. Pilot's proprietary "Ice-Cold Sulfonation" process ensures high quality, unparalleled batch-to-batch consistency & molecular uniformity for Aristonate® Sulfonates resulting in a lower treat rate in comparison to natural sulfonate technology.

Benefits Of Using Aristonate® Synthetic Sulfonates

    Aristonate® Synthetic Sulfonates
    Natural Sulfonates
    Eliminates the presence of impurities which can lead to lubricant breakdown & equipment damage Higher viscosity Natural Sulfonates may contain impurities that lead to sludge build-up in blending equipment.
    Improves formulation economics by pinpointing the perfect molecular weight and cost-to-treat ratio More Natural Sulfonate product is needed to achieve desired emulsification than comparable Aristonate® Sulfonate.
    Maintains consistent viscosities as molecular weight increases, decreasing storage costs and increased production flexibility Natural Sulfonates carry inconsistent viscosity ranges as molecular weight increases and may require additional process step of pre-heating material.
    First-intent sulfonate technology ensures consistent supply of material. Traditionally a by-product of white oil manufacturing which has seen supply constraints in recent years for North America.

Find The Right Product For Your Requirements

    GradeChemistryMolecular WeightApplications
    Aristonate L                              Sodium Alkly Aryl Sulfonate400Emulsification & Dispersion, Textile Oils, High Water Based Fluids
    Aristonate MSodium Alkly Aryl Sulfonate430Emulsification, Dispersion & Corrosion Protection, Soluble Oils, High Water Based Fluids
    Aristonate HSodium Alkly Aryl Sulfonate470Emulsification & Corrosion Inhibition, Soluble Oils
    Aristonate C-5000Neutral Calcium Sulfonate       520Hydraulic Fluids, Metalworking Fluids
    Aristonate S-4000             Sodium Alkly Aryl Sulfonate400Soluble Oils, Semi-Synthetics
    Aristonate VH2Sodium Alkly Aryl Sulfonate490Emulsification & Corrosion Inhibition, Soluble Oils


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