Phthalate-Free Plasticizer for Medical Applications

Vertellus Citroflex™ presents a proven, field-tested phthalate-free alternative to traditional plasticizers for medical components and devices.

Xtendra BHT For Industrial Applications

Camlin Fine Sciences Xtendra BHT antioxidant inhibits oxidative degradation in various plastic, elastomer, lubricant, and CASE applications.


How Momentive Silicone Elastomers Empower Electric Vehicles

Momentive performance materials support important value-chain components for automotive OEMs looking to electrify their fleet. 

Energize Electric Vehicles with Viton™ Fluoroelastomers

Viton™ FKM fluoroelastomers provide electric vehicles with critical sealing, sensors, and high-voltage cable components that protect and maintain efficiency.

PARALOID™ Helps Electric Vehicles to Go the Distance

The Dow Chemical Company’s extensive range of PARALOID additives deliver high-performance durability and impact resistance. Electric vehicles must be able to absorb potential impact from accidents and thermal changes in the environment.

Polymer Stabilization for Electric Vehicles

With their recent expansion into phenolic antioxidants for plastics, the SI Group continues to develop innovate solutions for the automotive electric vehicle market.

WESTON™ 705 for Sustainable Packaging

WESTON™ 705 is the new generation of nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidants that can help contribute to a circular economy around food packaging.

How Plastics Can Fuel the Demand for Electric Vehicles

The plastic and elastomer industry is fueling the way towards a completely electric automotive market. 

SI Group | Polyurethane Additives

The SI Group is a leader and innovator in polymer additives and stabilizers that support a wide range of industries and markets.

Supply Chain Constraints
Nearly every link in the supply chain from China is experiencing unprecedented constraints, contributing to soaring costs and severe delays.
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