How Momentive Silicone Elastomers Empower Electric Vehicles

Momentive performance materials support important value-chain components for automotive OEMs looking to electrify their fleet. 

Supply Chain Constraints
Nearly every link in the supply chain from China is experiencing unprecedented constraints, contributing to soaring costs and severe delays.
Glycolic Comparison vs. Organic and Inorganic Acids
Glycolic acid is an organic acid from the family of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids. It offers excellent descaling, chelation, and deeper penetration than other acids. Learn more.
Afton - Evolving Technologies - E-Mobility
As leaders in the lubricant manufacturing industry, Afton Chemical is dedicated to developing new and improved additive technology for advancing industries. Learn how Afton is addressing evolving industries and creating additives to manufacture premium lubricant solutions for the future.
Afton - Winterized Diesel Performance - Detergency
Diesel is the lifeblood of the transportation industry and has become even more important in the world of online shopping and delivery. Winter weather and poor fuel quality can quickly clog up filters and fuel injectors. Learn how the HiTEC® and OTR® Performance Additives can clean up engine components & keep them clean for the long haul!
Afton - Winterized Diesel Performance - Gelling
Diesel fuel is critical in keeping the freight and transportation industries running and on time. Cold winter weather can have adverse affects on fuel and engine systems if not properly treated with winterized performance additives. Learn more about the HiTEC® and OTR® Solutions to boost diesel performance and longevity.
Chemours Krytox™ Heavy Duty Automatic Clutch
Krytox™ Specialty Lubricants provide a wide range of performance benefits in automotive bearing applications. The exceptional lubricant life and non-flammable properties make it an ideal choice for lubrication requirements that are difficult to reach and maintain on a regular basis. Learn more about Krytox™ performance in Automatic Heavy-Duty Clutches.
Chemours Krytox™ Lubricants for MRO
Long lasting Krytox™ oils and greases not only help you achieve optimal performance for your critical applications, but they can also help protect your components under extreme operating conditions.
3M™ Novec - Aerospace
Cleaning is a critical process in the aerospace industry. Use 3M™ Novec™ and effectively remove particulate without harmful effects from other common solvent chemistries.
Chemours Krytox™ - O-Ring Solutions
Krytox™ Performance Lubricants provide exceptional performance for o-ring lubrication and protection. Explore their portfolio of tailored products here.
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