Supply Chain Constraints
Nearly every link in the supply chain from China is experiencing unprecedented constraints, contributing to soaring costs and severe delays.
Bioban™ BTCM preservative for tape joint compounds

You no longer have to use formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in your tape joint compounds. Learn how Bioban™ BTCM offers the ultimate protection and prevents viscosity drops in building materials.

Colloidal Silica - A Versatile Problem Solver
Colloidal silicas are aqueous dispersions of amorphous silica nanoparticles that are useful as binders, surface modifiers, and flocculants.
SI Group | Building and Construction Plastic Additives

SI Group polymer solutions are essential for the long-term performance benefits for countless building and construction plastic applications.

Glycolic Comparison vs. Organic and Inorganic Acids
Glycolic acid is an organic acid from the family of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids. It offers excellent descaling, chelation, and deeper penetration than other acids. Learn more.
PMC Biogenix™ Metallic Stearates
Metallic stearates are metal salt compounds of long-chain fatty acids, including aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and zinc stearates.
Citroflex™ Coalescing Agents for Coatings
Vertellus™ Citroflex™ citric acid esters are commonly known as plastics additives, but they are also highly effective coalescing agents in paints and coating formulations.
DuPont Preservative - Dry Film Protection
Dow Microbial Control offers a variety of preservation solutions for long-lasting and highly effective dry film preservation. Explore our range of dry-film preservatives designed and approved for coatings, adhesives, and building materials.
Grace - LUDOX® - Domestic Colloidal Silica
LUDOX® is produced domestically to the highest level of quality available from a colloidal silica.
LIVENT Lithium Carbonates for Building and Construction
Lithium salts are known for offering improved performance, quality, and endurance to building and construction materials such as concrete, glass, and ceramics. The chemistries also provide unique characteristics and physical properties, which makes it ideal for use in a broad spectrum of industrial applications, from space suits to submarines, from lithium greases to air filtration systems.
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