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Trilene EPDM For Waterbased Coatings

Sep 26, 2019

Overview of Trilene products in coatings applications along with a sample formula.

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DuPont Polyox™- DE

Aug 09, 2019

Wasserlösliche Polymere mit zusätzlicher Funktionalität

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SI Group Alkanox™ 240 Antioxidante de Fosfito

Nov 02, 2018

Alkanox™ 240 phosphite es un antioxidante organofosfito que presenta una excelente estabilidad hidrolítica.

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Dow UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycols

Nov 01, 2018

Dow Chemical provides a broad set of grades of UCON™ PAGs, including UCON™ OSPs. UCON™ OSPs offer many of the same performance attributes of conventional PAGs but offer the distinction of being oil soluble.

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St. Louis Group Flame Retardants

Oct 24, 2018

St. Louis Group (SLG) was formed in 2010 and began producing flame retardants based on Bolivian antimony. Today, SLG is one of the largest volume suppliers of antimony trioxide (ATO) in the US and has one of the broadest offerings of flame retardants and smoke suppressants.

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BASF Acrylic Monomers

Oct 17, 2018

BASF acrylates are used to improve the performance characteristics in thousands of polymer formulations

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SI Group Polybond Coupling Agents

Oct 16, 2018

Whether you are new to coupling agents or a seasoned veteran, the experts at ChemPoint and Addivant can help you with product suggestions to optimize your formula. Please see the table below and give us a call to learn more.

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SI Group Polybond 3200

Oct 16, 2018

The POLYBOND™ 3200 from Addivant™ is legendary for its performance as a coupling agent in plastic applications. The 3200 outperforms other coupling agents with superior thermal stability, color control and less degradation.

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SI Group Ultranox 800

Oct 15, 2018

Polypropylene systems have high stabilization demands. In order to meet increasing melt, color and storage performance standards SI Group® has launched the ULTRANOX® 800 antioxidant series.

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Amidas Grasas PMC Kemamide®

Sep 28, 2018

La línea de amidas Kemamide® cuenta con una amplia selección de aditivos plásticos, aditivos de caucho y lubricantes que son adecuados para su inclusión en poliolefinas, resinas de ingeniería, elastómeros y PVC.

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SI Group® ALKANOX™ 240 Phosphite Antioxidant

Sep 25, 2018

ALKANOX™ 240 phosphite is an organo-phosphite antioxidant that exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability.

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SI Group® LOWILITE™ Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers

Aug 08, 2018

LOWILITE™ Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) work by free radical scavenging to inhibit degradation of the polymer.

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SI Group Polybond

Dec 09, 2016

PB 3349 allows for high load rates of HFFR without sacrificing tensile strength, tensile modulus and elongation properties of your compounds.

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Momentive Tospearl®

Dec 09, 2016

Tospearl® series resins can decrease the contact between film layers, preventing them from sticking together. The silicone improves clarity in the films while requiring lower usage levels than other antiblocks like talc or mica.

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Era Prepolymers

Dec 08, 2016

Era has a unique compilation of polyurethane solutions that include high performance hot cast elastomer prepolymers, spray polyurethane, rigid and flexible foam systems, as well as other specialty products.

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