Polymer Stabilization for Electric Vehicles

With their recent expansion into phenolic antioxidants for plastics, the SI Group continues to develop innovate solutions for the automotive electric vehicle market.

WESTON™ 705 for Sustainable Packaging

WESTON™ 705 is the new generation of nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidants that can help contribute to a circular economy around food packaging.

SI Group | Polyurethane Additives

The SI Group is a leader and innovator in polymer additives and stabilizers that support a wide range of industries and markets.

SI Group Antioxidant Solutions for Polyurethanes (PUR)

The SI Group offers one of the world’s largest stabilizer and antioxidant technology for polyol and polyurethane applications.

Stabilization and Processing of Recycled Plastics
Compounders and recyclers face multiple challenges with the stabilization and processing of recycled plastics. Learn more and explore our solutions
SI Group | Building and Construction Plastic Additives

SI Group polymer solutions are essential for the long-term performance benefits for countless building and construction plastic applications.

SI Group Additives for Packaging Plastics
SI Group offers a broad range of plastic additives for the stability and durability of your packaging plastics. Learn more today!
SI Group Solutions for Wires and Cables
Explore our extensive range of Antioxidants, Polymer Modifiers, and UV Stabilizers from SI Group explicitly designed for the wire and cable industry and plastic applications. The SI Group team in ChemPoint is available for any technical questions or product recommendations that meet your specific application needs.
SI Group ETHANOX™ 330 Antioxidant for Wires & Cables
ETHANOX™ 330 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant that is specifically engineered for exceptional protection and long term stability in wire and cable insulations and jacketing applications.
Nylon and Polyamide Molding Solutions
SI Group offers a selection of products that are specifically designed to improve the stability, performance, and resistance of nylon and polyamide polymers in a wide array of applications.
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