Liquid LipSatin in Orchid Purple

Liquid lipstick formula that provides lasting wear that doesn't feel dry and will not transfer due to the addition of Aqualon™ EC N200 PC. This creamy satin lipstick saturates lips with color. Formulation #: 300-10017C

Ceraphyl™ 41 is an emollient that imparts dry initial feel with non-oily after-feel. It's also an effective solubilizer for organic sunscreen actives.

Ceraphyl™ 50 ester is an emollient that imparts lubricity. It provides a soft, silky skin feel with a non-oily after-feel.

Ceraphyl™ 791 ester is an emollient that delivers a rich, lubricious touch with a long-lasting after-feel.

Ceraphyl™ SLK ester offers improved emolliency, spreadability, and a smooth, elegant skin feel.

LiquaPar™ MEP preservative provides broad spectrum activity against bacteria, yeast, and mold, and is effective over a broad pH range.

Optiphen™ DLP provides excellent anti-fungal boosting properties at low levels and a broad spectrum protection at higher levels.

Serenityl™ biofunctional can help increase skin detoxination, which refers to the capacity of the skin to sense environmental toxins and eliminate internal toxins.