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Ashland™ Personal Care Formulations

Hair Conditioners (39)

Ashland™ has an extensive library of formulations to assist you in developing any personal care product.

3 Minutes Hair Strengthening Rinse-Off Conditioner Mask

This conditioning mask features FiberHance™ BM Solution. Formulation #: Z351-25B

6% VOC Conditioning Mousse

This conditioning mousse formulation features Gafquat™ 755N polymer. Formulation #: 10852-50-5

Anti-Fade Leave-in Treatment

This leave in treatment features Styleze™ W-20 polymer. Formulation #: 10748-67A

Boost-Rx Volumizing Conditioner

Formulated specifically for fine, thin hair, this silicone free conditioner is formulated with volume-boosting ingredients to deliver body, volume and manageability. Formulation #: Z351-71B

Chroma-Rx Color Protection Conditioner

This conditioner, formulated with color seal technology, forms a protective hydrophobic layer around the hair to prevent color fading. Formulation #: 12803-211

Chroma-Rx Color Protection Leave-in Treatment

This conditioning cream helps revitalize graying roots, while providing color and heat protection for color treated hair. Formulation #: 12696-191-1C

Color Shield! Weightless Leave-In Conditioner

This formulation yields a leave-in conditioner. Formulation #: 12696-8.7A

Condition and Style Cream

This formulation utilizes Emulsynt™ 1055 ester, Cerasynt™ 945 ester, and Ceraphyl™ 230 ester. Formulation #: 12149-126-1

Conditioning Shampoo for Damaged Hair with Conditioneze™ 7

This formulation utilizes Conditioneze™ 7 cationic solution, Cerasynt™ IP ester, and Liquid Germall™ Plus preservative. Formulation #: 10907-43-1

Conditioning Spray Milk

This conditioning formulation features Gafquat™ 755N polymer. Formulation #: 10994-150

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