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Ashland™ has an extensive library of formulations to assist you in developing any personal care product.

Boost-Rx Volumizing Shampoo

Formulated specifically for fine, thin hair, this sulfate free and silicone free shampoo is formulated with volume-boosting ingredients to deliver body, volume and manageability. Formulation #: 12803-177

Brilliance Clear Shampoo for Oily Hair

This formulation utilizes ClearHance™ C conditioning polymer, Ceraphyl™ 41 ester and Optiphen™ 200. Formulation #: Z351-10A

Caring Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Naturally derived polysaccharide biopolymers for rheology modification, suspension, stabilization and improved conditioning are added to a classic zinc-based anti-dandruff conditioning shampoo in this formula.

Chroma-Rx Color Protection Shampoo

Formulated specifically for color treated hair, this sulfate free shampoo is formulated with color seal technology to gently clean and condition hair, while helping to retain the vibrancy and shine of freshly colored hair. Formulation #: 12803-173

Clear Deep Cleansing Shampoo with Gantrez™ S-95

This formulation utilizes Ceraphyl™ 41 ester and Optiphen™ MIT Ultra. Formulation #: Z309-93

Clear Revitalizing Shampoo

This shampoo formulation features Captivates™ HC0005 encapsulate. Formulation #: 11267-49A

Color Protection Shampoo

This color protecting shampoo features Styleze™ W-20 polymer. Formulation #: 10906-131A

Conditioning Repair Shampoo

This formulation utilizes Germall™ Plus, Lubrajel™ CG, and N-Hance™ 3196 Cationic Guar. Formulation #: C-H-17005-AN

Conditioning Shampoo for Damaged Hair with Conditioneze™ 7

This formulation utilizes Conditioneze™ 7 cationic solution, Cerasynt™ IP ester, and Liquid Germall™ Plus preservative. Formulation #: 10907-43-1

Dandruff Defense Conditioning Shampoo

This conditioning shampoo featuring N-Hance™ 4572 conditioning polymer defends against dandruff. Formulation #: Z309-1

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