Gentle - Sulfate Free Anti Dandruff Silicone Shampoo

This formulation utilizes N-Hance™ 4572 conditioning polymer, Benecel™ E10M HPMC, and Optiphen™ 200 preservative. Formulation #: Z339-17D

Benecel™ E10M is a high-purity, water-soluble, non-ionic, cellulose ether. It functions as a thickener, lather enhancer, lather stabilizer, water-binder, film-former, and co-suspending and co-emulsifying agent.

N-Hance™ 4572 is a conditioner and rheology modifier with a medium charge density and high molecular weight.

Optiphen™ 200 is a colorless to light yellow aqueous solution that contains the antimicrobial active phenoxyethanol. An additional booster increases the broad spectrum activity against micro-organisms.

SurfaThix™ N Polymer provides rheology modification to surfactant-based skin and hair care formulations.