Define and Shine Curling Cream

Define your curls with this unique curling cream that conditions and shapes your hair without weighing it down. Formulated with Polysurf™ 67 CS and AquaStyle™ 300 N to provide controlled definition and associative thickening via hydrophobe interactions. Balanced with ProLipid™ 161 lamellar gel, shea butter and natural oils for nourishing and moisturizing to deliver this unique cream-gel formula. Curls remain smooth with anti-frizz shape definition under high humidity conditions. Apply evenly through clean, towel- dried hair. Style as usual and allow curls to air dry or blow dry with diffuser. Formulation #: 12696-56.6

AquaStyle™ 300 N is a multifunctional fixative and styling polymer and the ideal solution to create extreme styles with durable hold. It has a new process to deliver a low odor alternative.

Ceraphyl™ 368M is an emollient that imparts a light, non-greasy feel. It is a hazier and lower viscosity version of Ceraphyl 368.

Cerasynt™ 945 is composed of primary and auxiliary emulsifiers for a wide variety of personal care formulas due to its broad pH and formulation ingredient compatibility.

Optiphen™ is a unique liquid preservative formulation which consists of phenoxyethanol and an emollient base. The combination of these ingredients provides optimized protection against microbial growth from bacteria and yeast while giving the finished product exceptional feel.

Polysurf™ 67 CS is unique in that it functions as an associative thickener, meaning it not only thickens aqueous systems via chain entanglement and conventional hydrogen bonding, but also via hydrophobe interactions.

ProLipid™ 161 is a strongly cationic, plant-derived conditioning ingredient for skin and hair care formulations.