Iridescent Serum

This formulation utilizes Styleze™ W-10 polymer, AquaCat™ PF618 (Paraben Free) Cationic Solution, and Ceraphyl™ SLK ester. Formulation #: 12464-180.2

AquaCat™ PF618 is the paraben-free version of AquaCat™ CG518.

Ceraphyl™ SLK ester offers improved emolliency, spreadability, and a smooth, elegant skin feel.

Optiphen™ 200 is a colorless to light yellow aqueous solution that contains the antimicrobial active phenoxyethanol. An additional booster increases the broad spectrum activity against micro-organisms.

Styleze™ W-10 is a styling polymer supplied as 10% aqueous solution. It has excellent thermal and color protection properties.