Shine On! All Day Hold with Pollution Shield

This versatile gel formulated with AquaStyle™ SH-100 polymer delivers a desired all day hold, with a slick wet-look style. AquaStyle™ SH-100 polymer further contributes to building viscosity, reducing the solids of Ashland™ 980 Carbomer used to exhibit shear thinning behavior appropriate for hair gels. Aquaflex™ FX-64 polymer provides a protective film that creates a physical barrier against impacts of pollutants and UV exposure. In addition, Aquaflex™ FX-64 polymer delivers a superior stiff hold while still allowing the hair to be manageable and leaves a visible shine on the hair. Both styling polymers contribute to the excellent long term high humidity resistivity of the product, providing roughly 80% curl retention after 48 hours of exposure at 80°F and 90% RH. The gel can be applied to wet or dry hair. Formulation #: 12594-77.4B

Aquaflex™ FX-64 is a film former designed for use in hairspray. This polymer delivers stiff, strong hold with brilliant shine and luster.

AquaStyle™ SH-100 polymer is an advanced styling polymer that provides long-lasting hold under humid conditions.

Optiphen™ 200 is a colorless to light yellow aqueous solution that contains the antimicrobial active phenoxyethanol. An additional booster increases the broad spectrum activity against micro-organisms.

Zenix™ 4617 is an anionic surfactant; a free-acid form of an ethoxylated phosphate ester. It does not contain alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEOs).