Texturizer Creame Gel

This cream gel formulation features Stabileze™ QM polymer. Formulation #: 10976-101-B

Ceraphyl™ 494 is a multipurpose emollient ester with a rich skin feel.

Copolymer 937 is a hair fixative styling polymer that imparts a smooth, silky feel.

Emulsynt™ 1055 is composed of primary and auxiliary emulsifiers for a wide variety of personal care formulas.

Liquid Germall™ Plus is a patented combination of Germall™ II and IPBC pre-dissolved in Propylene Gylcol for ease of use.

Stabileze™ QM polymer is both a performance-enhancing and cost-effective rheology modifier based on methylvinylether/maleic anhydride chemistry.