Multi-Health Toothpaste

A multi-purpose toothpaste that keeps teeth and gums healthy. This toothpaste contains stannous fluoride, which is proven to fight cavities, freshen breath, reduce enamel acid erosion and prevent gingivitis. The novel thickening system provides a shiny toothpaste ribbon on the toothbrush with excellent stand-up and low stringiness. During brushing, a thickener system provides high foam perception in the mouth. Formulation #: OC 100-002

Aqualon™ 12M31XP is the fine particle size version of Aqualon 12M31P.

Natrosol™ 250 M Pharma offers thickening action, pseudoplasticity, stabilizing effect in suspensions and sustained release action for a varient of pharmaceutical applications such as sustained release formulations, aqueous suspensions and solutions, and liquid soaps.