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Ashland™ has an extensive library of formulations to assist you in developing any personal care product.

Advanced Power Hand Sanitizer

This 80% w/w ethanol formula will clean hands. It relies on the powerful combination of two rheology modifiers used with a multifunctional ester to form a viscous hydroalcoholic gel. This gel is easy to use to clean and refresh hands. On hand, the gel is clear and feels rich and creamy during rub out. Hands dry quickly and you are ready to go! Formulation #: Z339-71C

Classic Hand Sanitizer

Everyone loves a classic and this formulation delivers the rheology characteristics of a common alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It offers minimal after feel and dries quickly on hands. Formulation #: Z339-91

Clean Foam Hand Sanitizer

This water-based hand sanitizer formulation delivers a rich, luxurious foam thanks to a nature-derived foam enhancer. The combination of two skin conditioning agents provides a lubricious skin feel without alcohol, dyes, or fragrances. The dense foam in this formula clings to hands to permit contact time for killing common germs. Formulation #: BW12869-86-F3

Clean Touch Hand Sanitizer

An alcohol-based hand sanitizer that goes on smooth, dries quickly and leaves hands refreshed. The combination of Benecel™ E10M HPMC thickener and Ceraphyl™ 31 ester gives a pleasing sensory experience. Formulation #: Z339-42

Exfoliating Face Wash

This exfoliating face wash formulation features Captivates™ GL7378 encapsulate. Formulation #: 100-10014

Gentle Face Cleanser

A mild, clear, pear-colored cleanser formulated without sulfates1. Containing many nature-derived ingredients designed to condition and balance the skin, this gentle facial cleanser has a pleasant foam, feel and fragrance. Formulation #: 500-10013

Gentle Hand Wash

This gentle hand cleanser contains nature-derived ingredients to condition and balance the skin. The clear, pear-colored cleanser has a pleasant foam, feel, and fragrance without any sulfates. Formulation #: 500-10022

Gentle Touch Hand Sanitizer

This 65% ethanol hand sanitizer contains a combination of nature-based rheology modifier, Natrosol™ 250 HHR CS (HEC) and emollient Lubrajel™ Oil Hydrogel and Ceraphyl™ 31 to deliver a smooth and gentle experience that also moisturizes.

Gently Natural Foaming Cleanser

A sulfate-free foaming hand or body wash with 97% nature-derived content that leaves skin feeling clean and soft. Formulation #: 500-10025

Happy Touch IPA Hand Sanitizer

This isopropanol-based hand sanitizer kills common germs and uses Klucel™ H CS (HPC) and SurfaThix™ N Polymer to give a thick, textured liquid. Ceraphyl™ 230 gives it a silky smooth skin feel with no residue.

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