Natural Sea Moisturizer

Inspired by the sea, this moisturizer will take care of your skin with nature-derived hydrating ingredients. This gel cream has a natural content of 98% that is COSMOS certified. Skin feels velvety soft after applying due to the hydration in an ingredient derived from red seaweed.

Lubrajel™ Marine hydrogel is a multifunctional sensory enhancer for creating moisturising skincare formulations easily.

Natrathix™ Bio Cellulose is a nature-derived thickener, suspending agent, and emulsion stabilizer for skin care formulations. It creates a desirable skin feel.

Optiphen™ BSB–W consists of a combination of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate in benzyl alcohol. It does not contain halogenated ingredients, formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing substances and conforms to the EC cosmetics regulations.

Orchid Complex™ OS is an emollient based on orchid flower extract that enhances product spreadability, and offers smooth, light, silky after-feel.