Serenity Mask Harmonizing Face Mask

A non-woven mask is impregnated with a clear essence, delivering a refreshing skin experience. The sheet mask perfectly hugs facial contours and provides a relaxing, spa- like treatment. Formulation #: 100-10142A

Allantoin is a cosmetic skin protectant with both soothing and moisturizing properties.

Aqualon™ CMC 7H3SF cellulose gum is useful in suspending solids and modifying the flow and texture. It has a viscosity of 1,000-2,800 cps.

Harmoniance™ biofunctional is a sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) plant extract for total anti-age control, face and body, made with Zeta Fraction™ technology.

Optiphen™ HD preservative booster is a global multifunctional additive. The 1,2-Alkanediol can be combined with very low doses of preservatives to effective preserve personal care formulations, acting as a preservative potentiator. When used with other cosmetics ingredients, it may work as an antimicrobial stabilizer. Optiphen™ HD is considered a very effective humectant.