Simply Natural Body Lotion

This simple body lotion nourishes skin with a high natural content of 95%. The results are smooth, supple, skin that is hydrated with quick absorbing nature-derived oils.

Ceraphyl™ 791 ester is an emollient that delivers a rich, lubricious touch with a long-lasting after-feel.

Cerasynt™ SD is an emulsifier for a wide variety of personal care applications.

Conarom™ B Aromatic adds a mild flowery to spicy fragrance to personal care formulations and contributes to microbial stabilization by delivering broad antimicrobial protection as a secondary effect.

Natrathix™ Bio Cellulose is a nature-derived thickener, suspending agent, and emulsion stabilizer for skin care formulations. It creates a desirable skin feel.

Phyteq™ Raspberry N is a natural preservative booster with additional benefits for skin health. Its strong antioxidant properties and ability to protect skin elasticity make it ideal for all skin care products, including those addressing premature aging skin.