Age Illusion Face Cream For Fine Lines

This light, quick vanishing formula is specifically formulated with Optimage™ SF microgel, which is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The Optimage™ SF microgel interacts with the wax matrix to provide a smooth application and after feel. Formulation #: 100-10150

Ceraphyl™ SLK ester offers improved emolliency, spreadability, and a smooth, elegant skin feel.

Conarom™ B Aromatic adds a mild flowery to spicy fragrance to personal care formulations and contributes to microbial stabilization by delivering broad antimicrobial protection as a secondary effect.

UltraThix™ P-100 is a multi-benefit, patented rheology modifier that provides the formulation chemist with an array of benefits to the formula and for the consumer, such as shear-thinning rheological properties with yield value and positive sensory perception.