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Please see our supplier's specialty ingredient beverage recipes below.

Amaretto Liqueur

Pre-mixed drinks are a fast-growing sector in beverage, especially alcoholic RTDs. For calorie and sugar-conscious customers, few sweetener systems surpass Qorus for ease of formulation and taste. Both Qorus and this recipe are versatile; Amaretto flavor can easily be substituted with the specific flavor of your interest.

Mai Tai

Low calorie options are becoming a mainstay in the alcohol beverage industry. Expand your alcohol port folio with Qorus™ which provides a clean taste along with a no-fuss formulation. So identical to the sugar standard in our taste tests, we were unable to tell the difference.

No Sugar Added Chocolate Milk

Monkfruit is slowly revolutionizing recipes in the all-natural category, especially and maybe surprisingly, when it comes to chocolate flavored applications. With Purefruit™, your smooth and creamy chocolate milk needs no added sugar for a sweetness similar to classic chocolate milk.

No Sugar Added Pineapple Juice

Unlike most other stevia sweeteners on the market, Tasteva™ can shine standalone and at high concentrations, even with the complex flavors found in juice cocktails. No need for erythritol or any added sugar in this bright and satisfying pineapple juice drink.

Peach Green Tea

Two formulas are presented here to showcase the cleaner taste of Tasteva™ Stevia Sweetener. The relatively few ingredients allow a simple comparison to the taste profile with Reb A 97. Tasteva™ not only allows greater than 50% sugar displacement, but also does so without the bitter stevia aftertaste.

Raspberry Flavored Water

How can you make a great tasting beverage sweetened by Stevia without a bitter aftertaste? Don’t spend time on formulating around a masking agent, and don’t resort to using caloric sweeteners or sugar alcohols – try Tasteva™ alone in this simple, flavored water and be amazed at what it can do.

Strawberry Water

Remove erythritol from the label of your naturally flavored beverage! By using Tate & Lyle Tasteva™ Stevia sweetener, taste the difference yourself between these two versions of this flavored water; 100% sugar displacement is possible without sacrificing taste!

Blueberry Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice is already identified as a healthy fruit juice with many benefits; now bundle those benefits into just 50 calories per serving with this Blueberry Pomegranate juice recipe. Making a low-sugar version of your existing fruit juices with half the sugar and calories is easy when you use Qorus™ Dolce.