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Eastman Names as e-Distributor for Eastobrite Optical Brighteners Based on Targeted Marketing Approach

December 20, 2002
KINGSPORT, Tennessee, December 20, 2002 -- has been named the North America e-distributor for Eastman Chemical Company's Eastobrite® optical brighteners. ChemPoint is the primary sales and supply chain channel for polymer additives customers of Eastobrite OB-1, OB-1 pulverized and OB-3 in the United States and Canada.
"Eastman has worked with ChemPoint on other product lines and was impressed with their unique success in combining the convenience of e-commerce with easy access to a team of technical experts and highly responsive, personalized service. ChemPoint was identified as the best distribution channel to properly service our customers in the polymer additives market. We anticipate that ChemPoint's targeted marketing approach will develop new applications and will strengthen our position within this key industry sector," said Stephanie Gosset, performance products business market manager for Eastman.
When added to plastics or textile fibers, Eastobrite optical brighteners significantly improve whiteness, imparting a pleasing whiter-than-white appearance. The brighteners can make colored polymers appear more brilliant, mask yellowness and restore whiteness to recycled polymers. Unlike topical whiteners, Eastobrite optical brighteners are dissolved and permanently incorporated in the polymer during the manufacturing process. This permanence gives greater uniformity and better brightness retention over time. In addition, Eastobrite OB-1 has FDA approval for a variety of food-contact applications and can be used in food packaging as well as other plastic applications.
"We are delighted to have Eastman's Eastobrite optical brighteners join the selection of high-quality polymer additives that we are actively marketing," said Chad Steigers, ChemPoint's managing director. "Eastobrite optical brighteners are a very good addition to this growing portfolio, which now includes specialty plasticizers, antioxidants, antistats, lubricants, biocides and colorants from leading suppliers to this industry."
Eastman will continue to be a full-service provider of polymer additives including optical brightners for many diverse market applications. The partnership with ChemPoint will complement existing distribution channels and Eastman's own e-commerce capabilities.
"Establishing itself as a marketer to smaller, innovative customers, ChemPoint has demonstrated success in providing the technical expertise and personalized service required to properly address that customer's needs," said Gosset.