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Chevron Phillips Chemical Names Distributor of Its Reference Fuels Product Line

May 05, 2005
BELLEVUE, Washington & THE WOODLANDS, Texas, May 5, 2005 -- Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has named as the U.S. source for marketing, technical sales, customer service and fulfillment for its reference fuel product packages. Chevron Phillips Chemical will continue to handle bulk orders through normal sales operations.
“Our association with ChemPoint is based on previous shared successes that will help us achieve two main goals – to better connect with our customer base, and to extend outreach capabilities utilizing an electronic marketplace,” said David Miller, Western Region Sales Manager for Chevron Phillips Chemical. “As we expand our product lines, it remains critical that we are able to evaluate valuable information we receive from our customers and convert it into better products and, ultimately, stronger customer service.”
Chevron Phillips Chemical produces a broad range of reference fuels that are used to validate a fuel’s performance characteristics. Applications include, but are not limited to, establishing octane or cetane requirements, the ability to resist vapor lock, the impact of fuel quality on emissions or drivability, and the durability of fuel system components in oxy-fuel environments. Reference fuels now available through ChemPoint include those used to test gasoline, diesel, jet, and aviation fuels.
“ChemPoint equips world market leaders, like Chevron Phillips Chemical, with solid and highly usable data to help them better supply and serve their customers,” said Chad Steigers, managing director of ChemPoint. “As an outsourced marketing partner, we will deploy Chevron Phillips Chemical’s sales and marketing strategies using proven resources and technologies to serve our supplier’s diverse customer base.”