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Dow Chemical Expands Partnership with into Thermal Fluids Lines

April 14, 2008
BELLEVUE, Washington, April 14, 2008 -- The Dow Chemical Company announces the selection of as their exclusive United States distributor for Dowtherm™ synthetic organic thermal fluids and Syltherm1 thermal fluids.  Effective March 1, 2008, ChemPoint will handle marketing, sales, customer service, and order fulfillment for targeted customer segments. 
Dow has chosen to extend their relationship with ChemPoint because of ChemPoint’s proven ability to deliver high-quality technical sales support and enhanced service to a broad spectrum of Dow clients.  ChemPoint currently services many other Dow customers across a full range of chemical consuming markets and a wide variety of applications.
“We are excited to partner with ChemPoint because of their technical knowledge of thermal fluids, coupled with their highly developed targeted marketing and sales approach”, says Kendall Justiniano, Dow Marketing Manager for Dowtherm and Syltherm thermal fluids.  “We believe our valued customers will experience heightened service and an individualized approach to their business needs.”
Dowtherm synthetic organic fluids offer exceptional thermal stability — this means more efficient heat transfer, longer fluid life and optimum operating economics.  Syltherm silicone fluids are known for low viscosity — offering excellent heat transfer performance and long service life, as well as high temperature thermal stability--resulting in lower long-term operating costs. 
A synthetic organic or silicone fluid’s maximum recommended use temperature is an indication of the high temperature thermal stability properties of that fluid. While the initial purchase cost of silicone fluids are typically more expensive than synthetic organic fluids, silicone fluids often have a lower long-term operating cost because they do not degrade like other fluids or require top-off fills.
“We are delighted that Dow has chosen to extend our partnership into the Dowtherm and Syltherm synthetic organic and silicone heat transfer fluids”, says Jeff Trimble, Business Director for ChemPoint’s Polymer and Process Industries.  “We are confident that our history of successes in delivering superior technical and service solutions will dovetail with the unique values of these premier product lines.”