3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids

3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids

Key Applications

Electronics, Military, Aerospace, Reliability Testing

Product Description

Thermally and chemically stable fluids that are suitable with sensitive materials, nonflammable, nearly non- toxic and leaves limited residue upon evaporation.


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Fluorinert™ FC-3283 Fluid ideal for use in single phase heat transfer applications in semiconductor manufacturing. SDS* TDS*
Fluorinert™ FC-3284 Fluid ideal for use in single phase heat transfer applications in these semiconductor manufacturing. Liquid temperature range (-50°C to 128°C). SDS* TDS*
Fluorinert™ FC-40 Used in nondestructive leak and thermal shock testing for military electronics according to mil spec 883. SDS* TDS*
Fluorinert™ FC-43 A clear, colorless, non-conductive, non-flammable, residue free, thermally and chemically stable liquid ideal for use in many heat transfer fluid applications. SDS* TDS*
Fluorinert™ FC-70 A non-conductive, thermally and chemically stable liquid that offers a high boiling point (215°C). SDS* TDS*
Fluorinert™ FC-72 A clear, colorless, fully-fluorinated liquid that is thermally and chemically stable, compatible with sensitive materials, nonflammable, practically nontoxic and leaves essentially no residue upon evaporation. SDS* TDS*
Fluorinert™ FC-770 A wide temperature wide (-125°C - 95°C) fluid that is used in many low temperature heat transfer applications. SDS* TDS*